I'm a Photographer from Melbourne Australia. I believe photography is an expression of who we are and being quiet by nature this is one way I can truly show it. All my life people have asked me what I want to be when I grow up. As much as I would like to say I have always wanted to be a photographer, the truth is I never knew the answer to that question. Today, I have my lucky stars to thank for finding this ever growing passion for photography. From the day I bought my first D-SLR camera, I spent days and nights researching photography and practicing.  A feeling of love and gratitude followed thereafter. Talent will get you far, but not as much as ambition. And I am here today living and breathing that in my everyday life.

When you book me, you will immediately get a feel that I'm very down to earth and that relaxes a lot of people because my only expectation of you, is to be yourself.
Currently I am working from my home studio in the western suburbs of Melbourne to do most of my portraiture work. Usually I work alone unless the event requires more than one photographer.